After backing down from Twitter acquisition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk enjoys Greek sun and beach in Mykonos (Photos)

Billionaires are passionate about their work. They appreciate their work and the sector in which they work.

The most common interest among billionaires is philanthropy. Sports, sailing, and travel are all common activities among the world's wealthiest individuals, so Elon Musk taking time to relax is nothing new and Greece was just the perfect spot.

Musk was accompanied by fashion designer Sarah Staudinger, 33, founder of the Staud fashion company, and her new spouse, renowned agent - and inspiration for HBO's Entourage - Ari Emanuel, 61, according to the Daily Mail.

The eccentric billionaire was sighted onboard the "Zeus," a nearly $20,000-per-week motor boat that can accommodate six people in three staterooms and is staffed by a trained crew.

Musk was then observed drinking before the party left to tour the island of Mykonos.

Musk, who announced his withdrawal from the Twitter acquisition proposal a week ago, was spotted with his renowned friend, Ari Emanuel, CEO of William Morris Endeavor and the second richest man in Hollywood.

According to looks, Tesla's wealthy CEO seems unconcerned about abandoning his bid to purchase the microblogging site or the lawsuit launched by the Twitter board.

It's hardly surprising that Tesla's inventor chose Mykonos for his summer vacation, considering that the island has long been a magnet for the affluent, famous, and decadent.

Notably, a German multi-millionaire, a real estate magnate who lives permanently in Dubai and is on the island for part of his summer vacation with his fiancée, spent €100,000 on Dom Pérignon champagnes just last week.

After more than two hours, the empty bottles began to pile up, and the total bill came to fifty thousand euros, which he paid casually while requesting that the same table be reserved for him the next day.

The event was repeated the next day, with the bill counter halting at $50,000 again, and the businessman departing delighted, unconcerned about the $100,000 he spent on this specific sparkling wine.

The photographs from the two days show what can happen on a normal July afternoon in Mykonos when a big spender gets in the mood and decides to throw his own unique party.

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