Renault launches its first electric Trafic vehicle

Renault has unveiled its first electric Trafic vehicle.

Trafic is a long-running nameplate; prior iterations were badged Renault, Vauxhall, Opel, and Nissan and were made at the Vauxhall facility in Luton when Stellantis purchased the plant and the GM Europe trademarks.

Since 1980, Renault claims that Trafic has sold 2.2 million units in 50 countries worldwide, making it Europe's third most popular light utility vehicle in the Van class [Ford Transit Custom leads the lists].

The new E-Tech BEV version claims best-in-class length, modularity, and customisation for a van and is built to order: 5.08m or 5.48m long and 1.967m or 2.498m high; storage volume (in van mode) ranges from 5.8m3 to 8.9m3; it is available as a cab-floor model; load length can extend up to 4.15m (on the extended L2 version featuring the ‘long-load’ trapdoor located in the bulkhead).

A 90kW electric motor gives a 750kg towing capacity and the vab can carry up to 1.1 tonnes. The 52kWh battery has a range of 240km WLTP.

Three charger types are available: a single-phase 7kW AC unit, suitable for all types of domestic charging, a 22kW AC charger for rapid charging at public charging stations;plus an optional 50kW DC charger for fast charging on motorways.

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