Enviable Transport: Obi Cubana's New E-Hailing Service Making Waves in Nigeria

Obinna Iyiegbu, a prominent Nigerian billionaire better known as Obi Cubana, has made an ambitious entry into the ride-hailing service arena in Nigeria, raising the stakes for existing competitors. His latest venture, "Enviable Transport," is poised to reshape the landscape of e-hailing services in the South-South and South-Eastern regions of Nigeria. This new development marks a significant milestone in the urban travel sector.

The grand unveiling of the Port Harcourt branch of Enviable Transport in Rivers State represents a strategic move to address the transportation needs of the South-South and South-Eastern regions. Obi Cubana, in his statement during the launch, underlined the purpose of this venture.

"Today, I am glad to announce that we have introduced a new transport service that is not only local but also relevant. We are here to bridge an existing gap in urban transportation," he stated emphatically.

Enviable Transport arrives with a pledge to revolutionize the e-hailing service in Nigeria by injecting essential values like discipline, integrity, sophistication, security, and a commitment to delivering top-notch service quality into the transportation sector. This endeavor is not merely about competition; it's about elevating the standards of modern transportation.

Obi Cubana made it clear that the primary objective of Enviable Transport is not to outcompete existing players in the market. Instead, it is a testament to his belief in nurturing homegrown businesses and solutions. The venture also embodies his faith in taking Nigerian innovation global, contributing to the country's foreign exchange earnings, just as he has achieved with other products and sectors.

On his Instagram page, the billionaire commemorated the launch with images capturing the essence of this groundbreaking initiative. It's an exciting development that promises to bring positive change to urban transportation in Nigeria, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment of Obi Cubana to contribute to the nation's growth and prosperity.

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