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Volkswagen Group's software division, Cariad, is enlisting the expertise of Sanjay Lal, a seasoned professional with experience at Rivian and Tesla, to accelerate the development of digital and electrification technologies.

Lal's arrival at Cariad comes after the company made significant leadership changes earlier this year, prompted by delays in the rollout of new electric vehicle models. Starting in November, Lal will assume the role of leading the software-defined vehicle hub at Cariad, focusing on the creation of two vehicles for the German automaker.

Volkswagen Group's CEO, Oliver Blume, emphasized the importance of speed in today's competitive landscape, highlighting that the software development team at this hub will work swiftly to deliver results.

Lal brings a wealth of experience to Cariad, having previously served as the Vice President of Software Platforms at Rivian, a prominent U.S.-based electric SUV and truck manufacturer. He has also held engineering leadership positions at Cisco, Tesla, and worked on Android Automotive at Google, according to Cariad.

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