A Look At Virgil Abloh's $500,000 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Miniature Replica

In a world where luxury and automotive craftsmanship collide, a limited edition masterpiece has emerged. Behold the exquisite 1/18 scale replica of the $500,000 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, designed by none other than the late fashion icon, Virgil Abloh.

The Maybach by Virgil Abloh is a testament to the fusion of art and engineering, an exclusive edition of the S 680 that showcases the impeccable taste and creativity of its designer. This luxurious sedan is not just an automobile; it's a work of art.

A Collector's Dream

For the fortunate 150 owners of this miniature marvel, Virgil Abloh's creation extends beyond the exquisite car itself. Each owner will receive a wooden box that houses the miniature replica, two car keys, and a carabiner hook, making it a collector's dream.

The attention to detail in the miniature version is astounding. The two-tone paint job, featuring a glossy Obsidian Black and a sand-colored combination, pays homage to Project Maybach, adding a unique touch that sets this masterpiece apart.

Every Inch Crafted with Precision

This miniaturized version is not just for display; it's a fully functional piece of art. All four doors, the boot, and the bonnet of the replica Mercedes-Maybach By Virgil Abloh can be opened, allowing you to appreciate every intricacy.

What truly distinguishes the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class by Virgil Abloh is its exclusivity. Limited to just 150 examples worldwide, it is an exclusive-edition of the flagship 2023 Mercedes-Maybach S680, which was meticulously designed in collaboration with the late artist and fashion designer, Virgil Abloh.

This isn't just a model car; it's an embodiment of luxury, art, and innovation. With a price tag starting at $500,000, it's not just a toy for the elite; it's a masterpiece that collectors and automotive enthusiasts will treasure for generations to come.

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