Volvo Achieves Record-Breaking Global Sales Performance in March

March proved to be an exceptional month for Volvo, marking unprecedented global sales figures. Setting a new record, Volvo witnessed remarkable success with a surge in demand for its vehicles.

Breaking its own sales record, Volvo achieved a remarkable milestone by selling 78,970 cars worldwide in March, marking a staggering 25 percent increase compared to the same period last year. Notably, nearly a quarter of these sales comprised fully electric Volvos, reflecting the growing trend towards sustainable mobility.

In Europe, Volvo experienced a notable 33 percent rise in sales, totaling 39,756 cars sold in March. Impressively, almost 40 percent of these sales were fully electric vehicles, amounting to 14,967 units. Meanwhile, in the United States, Volvo saw a significant 50 percent increase in sales, with 15,315 units sold, albeit fewer than in Europe. In China, Volvo sold 14,005 cars, indicating a 21 percent increase compared to March of the previous year.

While the Volvo EX30 certainly contributed to this growth, the enduringly popular XC60 remains the flagship model, with over 22,400 units sold, marking a notable increase of over 4,000 units from the same period in 2023. Accounting for more than 28 percent of Volvo's global sales, the XC60 continues to reign supreme. Following closely behind is the XC40, with 20,557 registrations, securing the second position. The recently introduced XC90 also performed admirably, with 10,826 units sold, securing third place in the SUV segment.

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