Hyundai Motor becomes the first automotive company to enter the NFT market

Hyundai Motor is the first company in the automotive industry to enter the community-based NFT market.

Hyundai Motor will launch NFTs representing its mobility solutions as part of the 'Metamobility Universe' that the automaker unveiled at CES 2022, according to a press release issued on April 17.

In addition, the automaker has produced a short film revealing its collaboration with the 'Meta Kongz' NFT brand, which assisted in the development of the NFTs. The film also assists the public in visualizing the "smart device-metaverse connection that will expand the role of mobility to virtual reality (VR), eventually allowing people to overcome the physical limitations of movement in time and space."

Hyundai x Meta Kongz NFT design example

On April 20, the company will release 30 limited edition 'Hyundai x Meta Kongz' NFTs to commemorate the film's release. Following that, Hyundai Motor intends to continue expanding its NFT Universe, with proceeds going to the project's management and community members.

The company opened its NFT Discord and Twitter channels on April 15 to continue managing the asset value of its NFTs. In particular, the official NFT website will go live in May, allowing Hyundai Motor to interact with community members and provide real-time updates on the asset value of the NFTs.

Thomas Schemera, Hyundai Motor's Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division, commented on the announcement:

“The Hyundai NFT Universe will extend the Hyundai brand experience, especially with MZ generation, in a completely new way, further reinforcing our commitment to innovation in both the real world and in the metaverse. We are extremely excited to introduce ‘Metamobility’ through our own NFTs and start this journey with ‘Meta Kongz’.”


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