Rick Ross spends $150,000 on a vintage Chevrolet Impala convertible

Rick Ross drew a large crowd of custom and vintage automobile aficionados to his Georgia car show and spent $150k on a customized 1975 Chevy Impala.

Over 500 automobiles of various types, including bikes, off-road vehicles, and trucks in various sweet colours, were scattered over the grounds of Ross' mansion, The Promised Land. Three lucky winners got a unique platinum and diamond key charm monogrammed with "RR," which went to the owner of a custom Camaro and "the baddest 57 BELAIRS."

Rick Ross, the Maybach Music CEO and vehicle aficionado, bought out hundreds of vintage and custom automobile enthusiasts at his car exhibition on his Georgia farm last week.

But it was 134Coke's 1975 Chevy Impala that claimed the grand prize - $150k in cash and the prestige of being added to Ross' elite stable of automobiles. The "Blow Money Fast" rapper shared a video of 134Coke's delight after earning the award on his Instagram story.

“Your boy came here and he gave me 150 boy. Boy, I love you boy,” said the winner.

In another clip, 134Coke is shown with a paper bag full of money that he empties excitedly to the ground.

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