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Which of these SUVS do you think will win this race before you watch it?
And if you had to choose one, would it be a Lamborghini Urus, a Tesla Model X Performance, or a Brabus-tuned 850 hp Mercedes-AMG GLE 63?
Let's get right to it now that you've responded.

These three quick SUVs were put to the test in a video recently shared by CarWow to see which one performed the best.

The first test consisted of a drag race from a standing start in extremely wet conditions. Despite the less-than-ideal conditions, the Model X Performance and Lamborghini Urus both rocketed off the line and got off to fast starts, leaving the Brabus-tuned Mercedes trailing far behind the other two.

Midway through the race, the Tesla maintains a commanding lead, but the Lamborghini is closing in. Finally, the Model X Performance crosses the quarter-mile mark in 11.9 seconds, compared to the Urus' 12.0 seconds. The Brabus 850 could only manage 12.8 seconds.
It's clear that the Model X outperformed in this round.

The trio then engages in a rolling drag race. Because of the instantaneous torque provided by its two electric motors, the Model X Performance easily wins this race. The Brabus also performed admirably in this test, quickly establishing a lead over the Urus.

It was finally time for the brake test.
The Tesla is the heaviest of the three, which affects its braking abilities, but it still stops faster than the Mercedes. The Urus took a comfortable victory.

Now, back to the first question: did your predictions come true?

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