Kia begins production of EV5 for export in China

Kia just revved up the EV scene with a global launch of the EV5! Previously a China-only electric SUV, the EV5 is hitting the road in both left-hand and right-hand drive markets, bringing Kia's cutting-edge electric vehicle technology to the world.

Spotted at the recent Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) sporting a right-hand drive, the EV5 is confirmed to be headed to Thailand, with Australia likely following suit. This compact electric SUV boasts a design similar to its bigger sibling, the EV9, but in a more manageable size.

The EV5 is built on Kia's 800V E-GMP platform, ensuring powerful performance and efficient charging. Here's a closer look at what sets the EV5 apart:


- Global markets will get an all-wheel-drive option packing a punch with a combined 230 kW and a zippy 0-60 mph time of just 6.1 seconds.
- A rear-wheel-drive version with a single 160 kW motor is available in some regions.
- A high-performance GT model is promised for the future, so stay tuned for that thrill ride!

Battery Options

- Battery power varies depending on the market. Expect to see a range of options, with some markets offering 64.2 kWh or 88.1 kWh batteries, translating to ranges of up to 450 miles (CLTC) on a single charge.
- While China gets BYD's LFP Blade batteries, other regions might see NMC batteries used.
- No matter the battery type, the EV5 offers V2L (Vehicle to Load) and V2G (Vehicle to Grid) capabilities, making it a versatile power source.

Tech and Comfort

- The driver-centric interior features a sleek dual 12.3-inch display setup, merging the instrument panel with the infotainment system for a seamless experience.
- A bonus 5-inch screen controls the climate settings.
- Kia prioritizes sustainability with eco-friendly recycled PET fabric and Bio-PU leather seat options.
- For added convenience, the rear seats fold completely flat, perfect for hauling cargo.

Production and Future

- The EV5 rolls off the production line at Yueda Kia's intelligent manufacturing plant in China.
- Yueda Kia has ambitious goals, aiming to export a whopping 200,000 cars annually by 2026, expanding their reach to 80 countries.

The EV5 marks a significant step for Kia, showcasing their commitment to electric mobility on a global scale. With its impressive range, powerful options, and focus on eco-friendly materials, the EV5 is poised to be a major player in the ever-evolving electric vehicle market.

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